ABC Silk Road Tourism Ltd.

Alphabet of Hospitality

We always remember that the main thing in tourism is interpersonal relations. There is local proverb: “Guest is a messenger of God!” The proverb is based on centuries-long tradition of hospitality and therefore, company’s motto is “The Alphabet of Hospitality”. It shows our attitude towards to each guest visiting our country, and willing to revive hospitality traditions that have been an everyday occurrence on the Great Silk Road.

ABC Silk Road Tourism Ltd. was founded in 2011. Our services cover any aspect of traveling throughout Uzbekistan; from hotel reservation and transfers to meals and tourists attractions. We also make tailor-made tours for specific requirements of the clients. We cooperate with the most experienced guides and reliable and efficient transportation firms.

When something is so simple and obvious Englishmen usually say: “It is as easy as ABC”. We do our utmost to arrange your journey throughout Uzbekistan to be as easy as ABC!

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