The language forms a part of Turkic group; it becomes spoken and written literary language of Uzbeks, living mainly in Uzbekistan. Variety of dialects is explained by the variegated structure of ethnic groups, taken part in forming of Uzbek nation. In XV century, owing to the efforts and work of Alisher Navoi, old-uzbek language has become common and advanced literary language, whose norms and traditions have been preserved until the end of XIX century. At the beginning of XX century, tendency of democratization of its norms has started; as a result, it became more ordinary and comprehensible.

Uzbek ethnos, until 1927, has used Arabic alphabet (until 1923 traditional, after reformed), in 1927-38s latinized, since 1939 alphabet, drawn on the base of Russian graphics (Cyrillic alphabet), from 1994 it has started to change to Roman letters.

Uzbek language has the status of official language of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


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