Shakhrisabz (Shahrisabz) is a small, traditional Uzbek town south of Samarkand, across the hills in the Kashkadarya province, and is a lovely drive from Samarkand with some spectacular views. This is Timur’s hometown, and once upon a time it probably put Samarkand itself in the shade.
Green city - this is how the name of this wonderful city, located 80 km South of Samarkand, is translated from Persian. Shakhrisabz today is a city where more than 100 thousand people live, there is a railway station and an airport.
In ancient times, and Shahrisabz is more than 2700 years old, the city was called “Kesh” and was famous for its craftsmen and artisans. Later, the great warrior Tamerlane was born here, and with his coming to power, Shahrisabz received a boost in development.
The monument erected to the young Tamerlane in Shahrisabz, in his homeland, represents the power and ambition that will manifest itself during his reign.

Ak Saray
Grandiose "White Palace" built by order of Tamerlane, struck contemporaries with its grandeur and beauty. After all, according to the calculation of its preserved elements, the height of its main portal reached 70 m. The residence in Shakhrisabz was the embodiment of a long-standing dream of Tamerlane.


Dorut Tilovat
This memorial complex is a "place for reading the Holy Koran". Here are the remains of Tamerlane's father Emir Taragay and spiritual mentor Sheikh Shamsiddin Kulal (the founder of Sufism).The complex includes a madrassah and the Kuk Gumbaz mosque.



Kuk Gumbaz Mosque
Friday mosque Kuk Gumbaz - "blue dome" is another creation of the skill of the architects of that time. The diameter of the dome is 46 m. To this day, it impresses the eye with its scale and elegant patterns. The inscription on the portal says that the mosque was built by Ulugbek (Mirzo-Ulugbek, grandson of Amir Temur) on behalf of his father Shokhrukh.


The Muzafarov family, whose dynasty dates back more than two hundred years. His works are represented in international galleries in Washington, Geneva and Moscow. Living in Shakhrisabz, they are the descendants of a dynasty of famous potters. The ceramics workshop of Usto Zaynutdin Muzafarov is under the project of the UNESCO trust Fund "Blue Samarkand".

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