Classic extended with Fergana

This tour includes sightseeing of main historical cities of Uzbekistan announced by UNESCO as objects of world heritage and Fergana.
Usually it lasts 11-12 days depending on the schedule of international flights of an airline company you have chosen. The route lies through the cities Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Fergana. Mostly it starts from Tashkent and includes one domestic flight between Tashkent and Urgench. Trip to Fergana valley and back is generally carried out by sedan cars because the road goes via mountain pass (Kamchik pass) at a height of more than 2000 meters, where there is no permit for bigger transport. But domestic flights and train routes between Tashkent and Fergana are also available.
Fergana is a green city with streets lined with shady plane trees, poplars and acacias and numerous parks and gardens with flowerbeds and fountains. It is situated at the southern part of the fertile Fergana Valley. The Valley resembles that of an enormous bowl framed by mountain ridges. Having a milder climate gave Fergana the edge to produce some very famous fruits and the luscious pomegranates that are tempting palates all over the world.
Fergana is also famous for producing delicate hand painted pottery and glasses as gifts and souvenirs. It is also widely known for its local man-made fabric and is surrounded by cities and towns dating back to nearly one thousand years in history.
Tour to Fergana includes a visit to khan’s palace in Kokand, studio of the famous craftsman Rustam Usmanov in Rishtan, where you will see the whole process of making ceramics by traditional technologies, and a silk factory in Margilan, where by reviving old traditional methods they produce silk and splendid fabrics.
This tour is designed for people who are interested in handicraft industry and want to see how and what silk is made of. If you ever wanted to try making anything by hand from clay, then trip to Fergana will be a good chance for making your dream come true!

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