Classic extended with Nurata

This tour includes sightseeing of main historical cities of Uzbekistan announced by UNESCO as objects of world heritage and Navoi region.
Usually it lasts 11-12 days depending on the schedule of international flights of an airline company you have chosen. The route lies through the cities Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Nurata and includes 2 days drive-out into the desert Kyzyl-Kum with an overnight in yourts. Mostly it starts from Tashkent and includes one domestic flight between Tashkent and Urgench.
This 2 days drive-out to the desert serves as sort of relief between excursions to historical cities and makes a good opportunity to get acquainted with unique flora and fauna of the country. Usually, on the way to Nurata we visit 12th century caravanserai which has served as a pit stop on the Great Silk Road. Then we proceed to the gorge “Sarmysh”. This gorge is recognized as one of the biggest “stone picture galleries” in the world. More than 3500 petroglyphs (starting from Neoliths right up to middle ages) engraved in black stones, are concentrated on the space of two kilometers. Next, a short stop in Nurata for sightseeing of an ancient fortress and mosque of Khusan, where we can see a pond with sacred fish too. Later, we proceed deep to the desert and stop in the yourt camp for overnight.
Dinner in the open air, where the sky blazes with myriads of stars, favorite songs from guitar, dancing or just a heart-to-heart talk by the campfire – all these far off the civilization, let us forget, even for a while, our worldly chores. In the morning we will have a good chance to learn and surely ride a camel and take a swim in the lake Aydarkul. And after some picnic by the lake we go on conquering the cities of the Silk Road.
We think that there is no need for our suggestions concerning this tour and for whom it has been designed!

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