Classic extended with Termez

This tour includes sightseeing of main historical cities of Uzbekistan announced by UNESCO as objects of world heritage and Termez.
Usually it lasts 11-12 days depending on the schedule of international flights of an airline company you have chosen. The route lies through the cities Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Termez. Mostly it starts from Tashkent and includes two domestic flights between Tashkent and Urgench and Termez-Tashkent.
Termez is the southernmost and hottest city in Uzbekistan. Tour to Termez includes a visit to Khakim At Termezi complex, which consists of the mausoleum of Termezi and a small History Museum. Khakim At Termezi, born in 748, successfully mixed mysticism with science and was reverted as one of the great Islamic philosopher-mathematicians. Then we proceed to the Archeological Museum. It is the only museum of its kind in Central Asia with unique exhibits on display.
Termez is also attractive because of generous excavations being held by joint archeological expeditions there. These excavations introduce to us extraordinary bastions of 50 halls, once serving as an out-of-town residence of Samanid dynasty, ancient Buddhist monastery of 2 thousand years BC, Bactrian sanctuaries and Zoroastrian altar.
Three kilometers from old Termez there is a tower “Zurmala”. This sixteen-meter-high brick tower is the remnants of the largest Buddhist stupa in the area and is possibly the oldest construction still standing in Uzbekistan (3-4th centuries AD).
This tour is popular among archeologists and people who are interested in history of such ancient religions as Buddhism and Zoroastrism. We suggest adding a museum in Nukus to this program, as well as Ayaz-Kalla and Toprak-Kalla that also occur to be a valuable archeological heritage of those days. 

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